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Get In Shape! is a 16-week plan for people who want to increase their physical activity and lose weight. Patterned after the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) and the Virtual Lifestyle Management (VLM) studies, our state of the art program uses Suzuken-Kenz Lifecorder physical activity monitors, an online Virtual Lifestyle Management program, and online virtual support of a lifestyle coaching team to assist patients in their weight loss and physical activity efforts. Studies in the US and Japan have shown that this technology and the clinician coaching effectively encourages patients to improve fitness and lose weight. Fitness and weight reduction enabled some patients to prevent or reverse type 2 diabetes, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and improve quality of life.

Our Get In Shape! Program Has These 3 Components

The Lifecorder Physical Activity Monitor

The Lifecorder (the size of a credit card) clips to a belt or a clothing waistband. The monitor records movement (walking) during everyday activities - grocery shopping, yard work, housework, cooking, walking around the office, playing with the kids, and so on. The monitor records and displays step counts, activity minutes, distance, activity calories, total calories and activity intensity level (light, moderate, or vigorous). Patients have the option to enter their activity data into the online Virtual Lifestyle Management (VLM) program. The monitor stores this data in the internal memory and is viewable on the monitor’s LCD screen.

Virtual Lifestyle Management (VLM)
The VLM is an online program where patients are encouraged to complete eight interactive lessons. The VLM curriculum provides information about healthy lifestyle and techniques for integrating the information into daily living. In each online lesson, patients enter their feedback about how they interpret the information and ideas for integrating it into their lives.

The VLM program shows patients how to set daily target goals of step count, activity minutes, and activity calories. In the morning, patients attach the Lifecorder and go about their daily activities. They check the Lifecorder at the end of the day to see their step count and activity minutes. To track progress toward goals, patients can enter this data from the Lifecorder into the VLM program. The program organizes the actual data compared to the target goals and also calculates activity calories and total calories. As an example, daily target goals may be 5,000 steps a day, 30 minutes of activity and an expenditure of 200 calories. The actual data from the Lifecorder may show the patient took 4,000 steps, did 20 minutes of activity, and burned 150 calories. In this example, actual activity was slightly below target goals and the patient should increase activity the next day. The Lifecorder stores data so patients can track daily, weekly and monthly progress toward goals.

The Virtual Coaching Team
The online virtual coaching team will review each patient’s VLM lesson entries weekly and provide support, feedback about progress, tips on how to problem-solve around lifestyle barriers and guidance on how to use the functions of the VLM (such as keeping track of weight, calories or physical activity). Please note that special arrangements can be made for a face-to-face coaching session.

Don’t Wait Any Longer...Let’s Get Started!
The activity monitor, online VLM program, and virtual coaching team are all the tools you need to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Get In Shape! Program Specifications

►Users wear a technologically advanced Lifecorder activity monitor that clips to a belt or clothing waistband. The activity monitor has a medical grade sensor for extremely accurate recording and display of step counts, activity minutes, and total calories. This data can be entered into the Virtual Lifestyle Management program (VLM).

►In the online VLM program, patients set daily target goals for steps, activity time, and activity calories.

►Patients can enter data from the Lifecorder to the online VLM program or choose to view their data from the Lifecorder’s LCD screen.

►The online VLM program allows patients to view and track their progress toward goals, complete eight interactive web-based lessons and receive tips for success. Also offered are a patient forum, motivation and a virtual clinician coach.

►Patients can re-enroll for additional 16-week blocks.

►Data on the Lifecorder is stored and viewable on the activity monitor’s LCD screen for 7 days.

►The Lifecorder has a clock.


Are a Computer and Internet Required?
Yes. The Virtual Lifestyle Management (VLM) program is an online program that functions best with high speed internet (DSL or Cable).

What’s the Cost & How Do I Sign Up?
The Get In Shape! program is in its final stage of development. Fees are being reviewed and the expected program launch date is June 2010. The first 10 people to sign up for the program will receive a promotional program discount in exchange for a testimonial that may be posted on our website. If you would like to be notified of the launch date, CLICK HERE to send us an email. Please include Get In Shape! in the subject line.

The Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) demonstrated that type 2 diabetes can be effectively prevented or delayed through intensive lifestyle intervention. Risk for metabolic syndrome also was reduced through lifestyle changes.

The VLM program addresses good nutrition, safe weight loss methods, and the importance of physical activity with the virtual support of a lifestyle coaching team to assist patients in their weight loss and physical activity efforts.

Calories Burned
User information including weight, gender, age, height, stride, calendar and clock are input to personalize each Lifecorder. Calorie expenditure is calculated based on personal information.

Activity Minutes
The US Surgeon General and the World Health Organization recommend a minimum of 30 minutes per day of moderate physical activity for adults. The Lifecorder keeps track of total physical activity time at moderate or greater levels of intensity in each 24-hour period for 7 days.

Step Counts
Many studies recommend walking 10,000 steps per day. The Lifecorder activity monitor tracks daily progress toward the 10,000 steps.